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VOCARS is a cleaner, greener, accountable and responsive used cooking oil collection and recycling service in the Midwest. We have been collecting used cooking oil for Bio Fuel use, since 2006 as a Filta Fry franchise. VOCARS is now a stand alone company committed to providing excellent used cooking oil collection service. Our customers are really the ones who urged us to venture into providing all the services currently offered.

From our customer’s feedback, we understand used cooking oil collection service should be as good as other services they use. Everyone involved in the operation of VOCARS have many years of experience offering services and products to the foodservice industry. We provide that same level of expertise, responsiveness and commitment that customers receive from their preferred vendors. Its simple in our opinion, offer more, be honest and be better than the competition and customers will consistently choose to use VOCARS.



VOCARS offers innovative ways to collect used cooking oil while providing more value than our competitors. For example, free cleanings of used oil collection containers and even the area around the container at every visit.

We also offer accurate measurement systems when collecting so that our customers are paid correctly and honestly. We even provide customers a receipt with total amount collected minus any water or particles present in the oil. By the way, we measure in gallons since that is what our customers understand best. We think it just makes sense when it comes to a liquid measurement.

VOCARS locks every container and also installs a theft proof pouring screen. Nobody wants thieves on their property in the middle of the night. Our customers have a true sense of relief knowing their oil is protected.

Since the beginning, our commitment has been to see 100% of our oil collected go to Bio Fuel use. We will always strive to see 100% of our customer’s oil go to Bio Fuel.

One way to be better than our competition is to come more frequently so their containers don’t overflow. It just so happens, that since our oil goes to Bio Fuel it is imperative we pick up oil more frequently to keep biodegrading at a minimum. Bio Fuel is made more easily from oil that is fresher and not rotten. Our customers benefit and our Bio Fuel producers are happy as well.